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charge for 1~4cells Li-Ion battery pack

Product Features:

- It is very smart charger which can auto-switching output.
- It can charge any 1~4cells Li-Ion battery pack or Li-Polymer battery pack which capacity is more than 500mAh.
- The charger will cut off automatically if battery is fully charged.
- MCU control the whole charge process and guarantee the battery pack get fully charge,avoid the battery pack over-charge.
- Led indicate the charge status,red and green led flash for 2 times after plug-in ,then both off, red led on in charging,green led on after fully led flash in error statu or short battery pack.
- Dimension:

- Input:AC 100 -240V  50-60Hz
- Output:auto-switching output at 4.2V,8.4V,12.6V,16.8V according to the battery pack
- Charging current:

- Over voltage protection.
Short circuit protection.
- Battery pack reverse connect protection.


- Charge 3.6V,7.2V,10.8V,14.4V Li-ion battery pack which capacity is more than 500mAh.
- The battery pack be charged muct have PCM..
- Don't remove the cover avoid electric shock.
Dry location use only.
- Indoor use only.